1. Makin pizza 🍕. Photo by @ara_ian_amon


  2. The last noodle/food pic for this trip. Pho at the airport food court in Vietnam. Still the best pho I’ve had in Asia. Had a great time eating and travelling but now Im tired and just want to go home. I miss my daily routine, Korean food, and sleeping in my own bed. Took lots of film pics and will get them developed hopefully tmrw. Time to rest now 😪 #hochiminhcity #vietnam #국수나라 (at Tan Son Nhat International Airport (SGN) Sân Bay Quốc Tế Tân Sơn Nhất)


  3. Tomorrow I head out to Vietnam for an 8 hour layover and then back to Seoul and straight to work the same day. Had an amazing time but looking forward to seeing friends, cleaning my house and cooking a meal. #tanlines #phnompenh


  4. Noodles from the Wednesday market in Pai. Came here to check out the sandals, cheap canvas sneakers and ajumma pants for friends.


  5. Hey there little guy #iise #japanesestrawberry


  6. Amazing coffee in Bangkok at a shop run by twin Guatemalan sisters #ceresia


  7. Chicken leg feet and joints with a blood cake in a super tasty and rich broth 😍 #breakfast


  8. #OanKim


  9. This Sunday!


  10. at 명동